A downloadable game for macOS

4 player games (keyboard or gamepads)

You must bring a flying ship to its destination by cooperating.

The ship is full of various systems (engines, switches, elevators, fuel tanks, lights, etc).

It works only with water and electricity:

  • Water is gathered from rain.
  • Electricity is gathered from wind turbines, solar panels and lightning bolts.

The ship has three engines:

  • The steam engine goes fast and has low consumption.
  • The electrical auxiliary engine is slow but can save some situations.
  • The altimeter controls only your altitude. You need it not to crash.

Every system onboard (engines but also lights, doors, elevators) consumes water and electricity differently.


Keyboard Controls

Player 1 : /// D / Q for Jump / E for Action

Player 2 : T G F / H / R / Z

Player 3 : I / K / L / U / O

Player 4 : Up Down / Left / Right / right Alt / right Shift


The game has been created during the Epic Game Jam IV 


20170703 Jam End Build.app.zip 29 MB


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I wish there was a windows build so I could play!